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Tired of stagnant YouTube & Instagram growth , low retention, and editing videos yourself?

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We will edit, manage and grow your YouTube Channel & Instagram, so that you can work on managing the flooding inbound leads

(all you have to do is film) 📸

Watch, how we do it?

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Unlock a stream of inbound leads and grow your business with short & long form videos every month.

Is this you?

❌ Are you struggling to attract inbound leads to your offer through your social media or YouTube?

❌ Do you hate not having a scalable system to generate content for your business?

❌ Do you dread your sales calls, trying to close prospects that don’t know you and don’t trust you?

❌ Do you want to be seen as the #1 authority in your niche?

❌ Want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity offered by video marketing, but lack the know-how or the time to do so?

Why Videos are Essential in 2023?

I want you to picture a scene… 

You reach out to a prospect. 

Your message hooks them. 

Curious to find out more, they look you up. 

They go to Instagram & YouTube and see hundreds of videos of you demonstrating your expertise. 

They feel like they know you… 

They feel like they trust you… 

In their eyes, you’re the #1 authority in your niche. 

Just imagine how much more credible you instantly look in their eyes. 

How much easier it’s going to for them to become your next client.

Who is this for?

✅ Real Estate Agents, Coaches, Consultants, Online Educators, Agency Owners, & Course Creators above $10k/Month who want to scale their business with short-form videos.

✅ Business owners who want to establish themselves as a clear authority in their niche and create a defined personal brand with organic content.

✅ Entrepreneurs who don't want to waste 20+ hours/week messing around in Capcut or Premier Pro editing their own videos.

✅ Market Leaders who are tired of the hassle and inconsistent results from freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork.

Some of Our Best Works :

Video Editing + Youtube/Instagram Management Services

Here's How It Works

Simple 3-step process – it’s really that easy.

Step 1.
Shoot Your Long Form Content

You can get started with you smartphone and some good natural or indoor lightings, if you need help on how to we are just a text away!

Step 2.
Share The Content With Us

Simply upload the video content to Google Drive and drop a link to the folder so we can access it.

Step 3.
Let Us Do The Rest

Your job is done, so sit back, sip a coffee and watch us help make it better and publish with best industry practices.

How long will it take to start posting content on my page?

a. Once we finalize our partnership, we will start posting content on your Youtube within 7-14 days.

Who will be my point of contact and how do I communicate with them?

a. Each partner will get a dedicated account manager and a content team. We prefer creating WhatsApp groups with our partners for faster communications.

Who will create this content exactly?

a. We have an in-house team of social media experts who will create your content end to end. Right from research & scripting all the way to shooting and editing the content we will do it all.

Can I post this content on other social media platforms like Youtube and LinkedIn?

a. Yes! You can post the content created by us on any platform of your choice.

My requirements are different from the listed package. Can you help me with that too?

a. Yes. We do provide customized social media services to our brands. Book a call and let’s discuss!



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Founder at ThePumu Media

Hi Buddy👋 I’m Puneet Sharma, Founder at ThePumu Media, I help businesses enhance their online presence through website development, social media management, content marketing & paid advertising. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to drive growth.

If you have any requirements or know anyone in your circle who might be interested in my services, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll be glad to work with you.

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